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Q: Get over who????

This boy lol. 

asked by Anonymous

UGH. I really need to get over you. Fuck. :/ 

Nowhere else to vent so i’ll vent here where no one can see…

I’m so fucking pathetic. I’m fine when the day goes by, but when someone brings you up and you’re new girl, i get so fucking pissed then sad. I invited you to so many places, and kept inviting you even though you said no every, single, time. Then you just go to the movies with her, and i find out you wanna have sex and you’re just holding around a condom. And the other girl already has a boyfriend. LOL. Maybe you’re the pathetic one. And maybe I’m just pathetic for ever giving you a chance. I shouldn’t have wasted all that time on you. I shouldn’t have let my “first crush” be you. You’re just a little boy, that can sweet talk bullshit, and get a girls hopes up and always say, ill never give up on you. I can’t believe i actually believed it. You moved on so fucking fast. You’re just a horny little fuck. Lol man, little boys these days. Im so glad i waited to do anything with you. Because that would have been a lot of time wasted. You should stick to younger girls. Because you are so fucking immature and need to grow the fuck up. I cried before, but I’m not gonna cry now. Because you’re just not worth it. The truth is, i really thought you were worth it before. I was so ready to be happy with you. But thank you for showing me, that little boys are just horny as fuck. And thank you for giving me a chance, to let my first boyfriend be a real man. 

I guess i should be thanking you. I guess i’ll just have to be patient again. Since I thought i was patient with you, guess i can’t be patient for the next to come. So thank. Pretty sure I’m on my period. So fuck, LOL. 


Holy shit. I just realized I’m really not okay. I don’t even know why I’m this hurt. I did expect so many things. I saw you in my future.. But I guess it wasn’t meant to be.. I’m really not okay but I hope I will be soon. I guess the first one is always the one that hurts the most. I feel so stupid for just laying in bed, crying. What the fuck is wrong with me, LOL. I really liked you but I swear it was fading, so why is it hurting this much.. I should be fine. But maybe its the fact that you’ve moved on so fast.. Makes me feel I wasn’t even worth youre time. Like I was just a waste of your time. But I don’t know… I guess I never thought I would end up here. I didn’t expect it. 😐

Why can’t i just not give a fuck and walk away. Shit man. :/

Fuck boys.

Little fucking boys are such a waste of time. Talk for months, don’t talk a week and he’s already moved on to the next girl. Fuck you. Fuck you for breaking my heart. But then again its my fault for letting you do it. I can’t believe i let a little boy break my heart LOL. I can’t believe i wasted my time on you considering i was going to college too. You’re not worth my tears. You weren’t worth the last couple months. I regret everything so much. I can’t believe let my first heart break be from a boy. Im so glad i waited to actually start dating you or whatever. “ill never give up on you.” The most bullshit line that you said over and over again. Didn’t even try to fight for me, or tell me what was wrong. Im so done with boys. Im just gonna wait for a man. So many people asked why would i like you. Man i shoulda listened to them and not waste any time. And save myself from getting hurt. But too late for that now. Lesson learned. 

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